E-Cloth Microfiber Starter Pack: The Easiest Way To Start Green-Cleaning!

Posted by ClothyMcEcloth on 2/13/2017 to E-cloth Products
E-Cloth Microfiber Starter Pack: The Easiest Way To Start Green-Cleaning!
The Professional E-Cloth Starter Pack is the best way to get introduced to the world of green cleaning with microfiber.  Period!

Most people will start their green cleaning transition with a single microfiber cloth, and while this gives those nervous about the effectiveness a low-risk way to understand how cleaning with a microfiber cloth is different from traditional, it tends to not be enough to get someone to adapt to a true "green cleaning" lifestyle.  

There are many different areas that need cleaning in a home - bathroom (and associated fixtures, like bathtub, sink, toilet, mirrors), bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, dining room, etc.  Because of this, you need to get a pack of microfiber cloths instead of just one single cloth.  This makes sense, because color coding is important in green cleaning!  

This is the way I do it, and the way I recommend others do it when they first start out:

1. Assign Territories To Your E-Cloths

For this, you want to easily associate different cloths with different areas of the home.  This makes it easy to consider when you're organizing your cleaning.  For example, we could do it like this:

- Blue cloth: upstairs bathroom
- Red cloth: kitchen
- Yellow cloth: laundry/mud room
- Green cloth: dusting cloth for all areas of the home
- Window cloth: all mirrors and windows

2. Wash Rotation For Your Microfiber

Even though the E-Cloth Starter Pack comes with 5 cloths, you'll want to ensure they get rotated through the wash on a frequent basis (especially your kitchen cloths).  Even though it cleans with just water, you'll want to ensure it stays sanitary, smells great, and is fresh to use when you need it.  If you have a small home, you can likely get by with one starter pack and just rotate cloths on a frequent basis.  If you have a larger home, you'll likely need to get 2 starter packs, which allows you to have cloths in use and cloths on standby ready to enter the cleaning rotation if you have an unexpected spill or accident.  

3. Keep 'Em Separated

Your kitchen cloths are likely going to wear out the fastest, because they are getting the heaviest duty use.  I'm a little OCD (hey, I'm getting better!...kinda :) so I like to separate out my high-use cloths from my low-use cloths.  What that means is I'll get a starter pack, assign the territories, and begin rotating them through the wash as needed. Inevitably, I'll wear out my kitchen cloths faster, but instead of ordering a new 4 pack, I'll just order a couple new cloths in the same "kitchen color".  This allows me to indulge my OCD and high-need for order and certainty while creating a wash/replace system that is pretty easy to manage.  

That's about it! If you have any questions, drop an email to support@myecloth.com or post up in the comments below!

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