E-Cloth Reviews: Feedback From Real People About E-Cloth Microfiber

Posted by ClothyMcEcloth on 1/16/2017 to E-cloth Products
E-Cloth Reviews: Feedback From Real People About E-Cloth Microfiber
If you’re reading this, then you’re likely wondering how much you’re going to love (or not love) your e-cloth product.

Everyone has questions before they buy for the first time, because there’s a real question as to whether premium microfiber is really THAT much better than normal microfiber.

As an Independent Retailer of e-cloths, the reason I decided to distribute the products was because as a mother of six (yes, six) children, I just don’t have a lot of time to clean.  I love a clean home, I enjoy a clean home, but the days of breaking out the cleaning supplies and getting 3-4 hours of uninterrupted cleaning zen are over!  I needed something that helped me clean faster.  

That’s why I love the e-cloth products.  Yes, they clean well, yes, they keep chemicals out of my home (which I love!), but the biggest reason is plain old convenience. I can take a cloth, wet it, clean, and move on.  

I had also been aware of Norwex, and while they have a good product line, the price just seemed so much higher than e-cloth that I couldn’t really justify it, especially when e-cloth pics over 99% of bacteria.  

Below are some real reviews left by customers who tried the cloths:

The General Home Cleaning E-cloth Set

For the General Home Cleaning set, we had a variety of good reviews to pick from:

“Wow! I just cleaned the sliding door to our deck and backyard with the window e-cloth and the polishing cloth. It has never looked this good--I have used everything chemical and natural to clean this door, but in the 15 years I have lived here, I've never gotten it this clean. Plain water and these two e-cloths did the trick. I am a believer.”

“Where have these been all my life?! A friend of mine was hosting a Norwex party and I was very intrigued so I started doing some research. All of my research led me to e-cloths saying they work just as well as Norwex but they are a fraction of the cost. That combined with being able to purchase them with amazon prime (and they got delivered the very next day) and I was sold! I've cleaned my entire house in a couple of hours because these work so great! I cleaned my windows that had dog slobber and toddler fingerprints all over them using the window cloth and polish cloth and they are perfectly clean AND streak free.....I only used water!!!! I've cleaned my glass cooktop with the range cloth and it came out cleaner than it does when I use harsh chemicals like bar keepers friend. My stainless steel appliances came out cleaner than with any stainless steel cleaner I've purchased before....and I just used water!! I am seriously in awe with these cloths and I can't believe it took me this long to find them!”

“These are wonderful. I can't compare them to the national MLM we all know, because I've never owned them. But I can say that I love these. My house is cleaner (not only because the cloths clean better than chemical cleaners, but because they are so easy, I clean more frequently!) and they are a great value. I must say, I was skeptical, but I was hooked when I used the glass/mirror cleaning set - I was shocked that it could actually clean my glass mirrors better than chemical spray and paper towels. I use almost all of the cloths as multi-purpose... I don't reserve certain ones for the range or stainless steel - I just use those as general kitchen cloths. Don't hesitate to purchase this set. I'm so glad I did purchase!”

THIS kind of feedback is how I felt, and ultimately what motivated me to build a site to share them.  

E-Cloth Window Cleaning Package Reviews

Then there is the window cleaning pack:

“These cloths are the best cleaning product I have ever used especially as there is no need for harsh chemicals. I use them on just about everything in my kitchen and bathroom. They are particularly good on my glass induction cook top and granite counters. I highly recommend them to family and friends.”

“These are great! The cleaning company who cleans our home uses them religiously for all their homes. They work fantastic!”

“These are absolutely the best thing ever invented! They are quick and so simple to use I find myself cleaning windows and doing touchups all the time. And it gets glass so clean it's hard to believe the glass is actually there! I've gotten everyone I know to buy them simply by letting them try mine! They're fabulous!”

And by the way…I’m ALWAYS using these cloths.  Six precious children = 12 little hands = 60 little fingers, and they have a way of being magnetically attracted to my clean windows :)

E-Cloth Mop & Floor Cleaning System Reviews

Then there is the e-cloth mop system (for floor cleaning):

“I recently installed hard wood floors on my main level and researched the best way to clean it and the E-Mop came up. I decided to try it along with the E-Cloth and have been very pleased. I love being able to get in the corners so easily and under furniture. I use the E-Cloth to sweep with, which takes about 5 min. to get my three rooms done. Then, I lightly wet my floors with a spray bottle and use this mop. The results are terrific, my floors look great! I really love that I can wash it. If you don't want to buy the E-Cloth for sweeping you can absolutely use this mop for that too!”

“I love that I paid half the price compared to the Norwex mop and it does exactly the same thing.”

“Adios disposable cleaning mop - this cleans my tiles like magic. Sure, I may still have to deep clean/scrub the grout periodically, but I had to do that with my disposable cleaning mop and this overall cleans SO much better between deep cleanings.”

So that’s the story…PLUS we have an awesome guarantee to make sure YOU love the e-cloths just as much as we do :)  

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