E-cloth Glass & Polish Cloth - Alaskan Blue
Mirrors, Windows, Chrome & Stainless Steel

E-cloth Glass & Polish Cloth - Alaskan Blue

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e-cloth® Polish Cloth Cleans Better With Just Water Than Any Other Method!

Size:  20"x16" inches

E-Cloth Versus Traditional Methods?
Easier And Faster Cleaning.  Streak-free & Chemical-free.
Thanks to millions of tiny fibers made possible by highly specialized fabrication, the Glass & Polishing Cloth produces uncommon cleaning results. What makes these results even more impressive is that absolutely no harmful household chemicals are used – just E-cloth and plain water. The cloth’s special texture penetrates and removes light grease and dirt leaving all shiny surfaces (windows, mirrors, stainless steel, etc.) streak-free and sparkling clean, without chemical residue.
Cleaning that saves you money – no paper towels or household chemicals to buy. E-cloth performance is guaranteed for 300 machine washings.
Faster, easier cleaning – E-cloth’s fiber function makes cleaning faster and easier. And for most day-to-day use a warm rinse under a faucet is enough to ready it for the next cleaning task.
Healthier cleaning – E-cloth cleaning is safe for everyone. There’s no chemical reaction involved, just advanced fiber function and water.
Eco-friendly cleaning – E-cloth reduces paper towels landfill waste, and pollution that chemicals create.

80% polyester/20% polyamide.  - Made in Korea.

NOTE: If watermarks are left, the cloth is either too wet or the cloth is removing old cleaner residues. In this situation, clean off the surface with a wet enviro cloth first, then polish with a dry window cloth.

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