E-cloth Mop: How This Uh-Mazing Microfiber Mop Cleans Your Floors Like No Other

Posted by ClothyMcEcloth on 1/13/2017 to E-cloth Products
E-cloth Mop: How This Uh-Mazing Microfiber Mop Cleans Your Floors Like No Other

Enter The E-Cloth Mop (Dirty Floors, BEWARE)

The e-cloth mop is a microfiber mop used to remove dust, food, bacteria, and other nastiness from hard flooring surfaces (wood, tile, etc).  It’s one of our most popular products at myecloth.com, and in this article we want to explain how it works, and how it compares to other mops (like the Norwex mop).

The Basic E-Cloth Mop System

The mop system consists of three parts:

- The handle
- The base
- The mop pad

These three components make up the entire e-cloth mop system.  There are a couple different pads available for for different purposes: a dusting pad and a wet pad.  

The handle is a telescopic handle that telescopes to the desired length, from 34 inches all the way to 61 inches.  It is made from aluminum, so that it is light-weight and easy to transport.

The base is where you affix the mop head (sized at 5.25” x 17.5”).  It’s on a 360 degree swivel so that it can easily get into corners and hard-to-reach areas that most normal mops just can’t get to.

The mop pads are made up of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, with a different wave for the dry pad, and the wet pad.

How To Use The E-Cloth Mop

When used with water, the e-cloth mop picks up over 99% of all bacteria from your hard floor surfaces (including listeria and e-coli).  The fibers penetrate and pick up dust, pet dander, dirt, grime, grease, oil, and it does so with just water.

The biggest benefit is chemical-free, natural green cleaning the leaves your floors beautiful and spotless.  

All you need to do to use the e-cloth mop is ensure it has a mop pad (whether dusting or wet mop), and start mopping.  One time through with the dry pad let’s you sweep up “loose” particles like dust, pet hair, cracker crumbs, dirt, etc.  Just mop it all into a pile and sweep it up - GONE.

Next, dampen the wet pad and do the same.  This will deep clean and create a spotless finish.  “Sticky” or wet messes get cleaned with ease.  Dried up spills, mud, food, grease, and grime all get picked up. Depending on how dirty the floor is, and how many square feet you are mopping, you may need to rinse the pad out to ensure it stays clean as you’re cleaning your floors.


Norwex offers a microfiber mop that is very similar to the e-cloth mop system.  The main difference is the price - the e-cloth mop is nearly twice the price! Now, we know people have their preferences, and we respect that. Norwex would say that their mop is better than the e-cloth mop…we don’t think that’s true, but maybe it is.  However, with the e-cloth mop picking up over 99% of bacteria, there is no way that the Norwex mop could be TWICE as good as the e-cloth mop…but it is twice the price.

For the money, the effectiveness, and overall cleaning quality, we suggest you give the e-cloth mop a go.  Of course, the mop is backed up 100% with a money back guarantee.  There's even an upgraded fancy spray mop which includes the water on the handle.  Love it!  Or you can get the full Floor Set (including the mop) on sale now.  

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