How E-Cloth Works

This Short Video Demonstrates The Cleaning Power Of The E-Cloth®

This is the Professional E-Cloth. The key features of this cleaning system are:

E-Cloth Saves You Money

One E-Cloth is guaranteed to last 1,000 washes. No more wasted money on expensive home cleaning supplies and cleaners.

E-Cloth Saves You Time

Just combine with a little water, wipe, and you're done.

E-Cloth Cleans Better

Compare the beautiful, spotless, clean finish of the E-Cloth to the streaky, residue-filled of off-brand impersonators and chemical products. Judge the results for yourself!

E-Cloth Helps The Environment

Fewer paper towels used around the house, less chemical waste going down the drain. E-Cloth is an Eco-friendly choice!

E-Cloth Saves Lives

One of the leading causes of death and injury in the household is the accidental consumption and exposure to dangerous chemical cleaners. This studyshowed that, as a sample in the DC metro area, the #3 cause of injury was chemical cleaners. Chemical cleaners are DANGEROUS. Get an E-Cloth Starter Package today!