Universal Stone

  • Clean your surface with the applicator and Universal Stone as per instructions.
  • Take an e-cloth and remove anything that remains on the surface - you are using the e-cloth to do the final wipe and polish.
  • It is safe to use an e-cloth, just simple rinse it under hot water when finished
e-cloth cannot remove oxidation on copper, gold, silver or brass, etc.
e-cloths do not clean grout on tile or remove stubborn scum from shower floors.

Universal Stone cleans these "impossible" surfaces safely, allowing your e-cloth to come behind and polish it for final touches.

(if you stainless steel appliances have that a stubborn chemical build up and residue, use the Universal Stone to remove it!)

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Sponge for use with Universal Stone
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Universal Stone with Applicator
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Universal Stone Cleaning Set
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